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Blackout curtains for complete room darkening from incoming daylight

     Blackout Curtains is a form of window treatment that helps block the ambiance and flow of natural light into the room. Therefore the effect of block out curtains is best seen in daylight, and with proper indoor light positioning, it can look attractive even at night. 99 Blinds offers the best quality blackout curtains in Dubai, available in a thousand colors and textures. 

Difference between a regular window curtain and blackout curtains.

    The fabric used to make curtains come in two forms now. The traditional textile that passes the light and can control the light pass up to 90% depends on the material’s stitching density. But it fails to block the light completely passes through the material. Here comes the blackout fabric or self blackout fabric, which is also a form of cloth but coated with a chemical layer to plug those stitching holes. Three types of curtains available in Dubai 

  1. Regular window curtains and sheer.
  2. Eyelet Curtains
  3. Self Blackout Curtains / Blackout Lining Curtains.

How does our blackout curtains work for complete room darkening?

     Blackout curtains best advised to use curtains track system not to use as eyelet curtains or ring top curtains. The curtains are closer to the window with curtains track, thus creating fewer gaps between window nad curtains. We can block and limit the light coming from the edges. Therefore curtains with hook and track are the best combination for blackout curtains. Eyelet curtains create more gaps between the window and curtains; thus, more light passes through the curtains’ edge.

Benefits of using blackout curtains.

There are numerous benefits of using blackout draperies.

  1. Block direct sunlight pass through the window.
  2. It reduces heat generation in the room.
  3. Self blackout curtains are lightweight and easy to operate.
  4. Available in a thousand colors and design to match with your existing furniture and wall colors
  5. Save energy when reducing heat and helps the air conditioner to perform smoothly.

How do 99 Blinds help you to get the best from your blackout drapes?

    Each of our draperies is made with top-notch fabric. Above all, we offer great blackout drapes options for the apartments, villas, business, or residential window treatments in Dubai.

    The first step in making good curtains is taking accurate measurements of the window. Our professionals are well knowledged about taking precise measurements and will suggest you the suitable options to hang the curtains.

    99 Blinds expert measurement taking, stitching, and installation group offer creative answers for your residential and office window sun-block curtains in Dubai and other emirates at unparalleled and cheap cost. Fastidious consideration is taken to ensure that your window blackout curtains are made to measure so they fit precisely. To view our complete blinds and curtains offerings view our all products page.


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