Make living elegant

     Eyelet curtains or Ring Top curtains are a contemporary curtains heading for use with metal poles. Eyelet shades heading gives huge even delicate folds and is supposed because they have metal rings at the top of the curtains instead of an ordinary header tape. 

      If you have metal shade poles in mind, then the absolute curtain type to decide is eyelet drapes. The holes for the eyelet rings are bored through the fabric, passing the pole to be fed through. This allows the curtain to smoothly slide to open and close effortlessly.

Eyelet Curtains

         The made-to-measure eyelet curtains is tied in with having the option to tailor the fabrication to your taste by looking over an extended range of styling texture and fabrics. Among the most significant choices is which of our three popular curtains header types (Hook top curtains, Pinch pleat curtains and eyelet curtains) to go for (that is how the fabrics append to the shaft, pole, curtains track or curtains headrail). Metal pole curtains are one of the best choices to make elegant and matched.

What is Eyelet Curtains ?

        Eyelet curtains are truly elegant and make a sensational component of a window on account of the intense folds of fabrics, which run in straight lines start to finish. Eyelet shades consistently dangle from a shaft, which is strung through metal rings or plastic rings. Where metal rings come in either silver or metallic colour but the plastic rings come in several colours which can be matched with the curtains fabric colour as well as.

What styles and rooms are best for eyelet window treatments?

     Fashionable and contemporary interiors love eyelet shades. It’s everything down to their basic, however attractive clean lines. For the minimalists out there, eyelet shades in a plain texture will outline a window magnificently, while holding consistent with the entire plan of the room. On the other hand, a major and striking print likewise looks extraordinary.

     Eyelet window curtains will suit bedrooms, family rooms, living rooms, guest rooms, reception area windows, and lounge areas. The most significant thing is ensuring they suit the style of that room.

Types of available metal pole curtains in 99 Blinds

    99 Blinds supply eyelet curtains in Dubai for many years. The materials commonly named as a fabric used in eyelet draperies like the blackout, linen, satin, velvet, silk fabrics are very high quality and durable for long-lasting operation. All of our fabrics are sourced from professional factories worldwide, offering the largest online selection of fabrics. Eyelet curtains are popular for their elegant look, easy to install, a wide range of available collection high level of easy to use the control, complete privacy, aesthetics, and comfort. Don’t forget to check our Blackout Curtains and Motorized Curtains section.