Roman Blinds

Make window classical

        Roman blinds are a kind of window treatments used to block out the direct sunlight. Roman shades are not quite the same window coverings as standard window treatments. They fold up equally when being opened. Henceforth when they are close and open they are noticeably smooth, not uneven or ribbed like ordinary window curtains or blinds.

Roman Blinds

          Roman blinds are regularly opened with a rope mechanism, enabling the user to regulate the height of the window treatment. In conventional form, strings run vertically on the outdoor side of the blind running through equally spaced parallel stiffener rods or eyelets and connected at the bottom of the blind. In this case, the opened portion of the blinds remains smooth, while the bottom will be stacked evenly.

          Roman blinds are a famous favourite among conscious house owners as they offer an elegant, stylish and low-cost way to dressing windows. Simple in their creation and to use, Roman blinds coordinate your room or indoors design scheme with a myriad of plain or patterned options.

          There’s an extensive and varied variety of fabric to pick from, and many available from 99 Blinds that are suitable for elegant, long-lasting and cheap Roman blinds. They may even be made-to-measure at the press of a button, so they may be the precise length and fashion in your home.

        Our extensive collection of roman blinds in Dubai comes in a wide variety

  1. Regular Roman
  2. Blackout Roman
  3. Blackout Lined Up

        For the traditional window curtains replacements, roman blinds in Dubai is the most dependable option as window coverings . As they are compact and control the daylight, window open area and complete privacy without compromising the style and luxury.

         Our Roman blinds collection is packed with gorgeous, vibrant shades, unusual designs, and a la convention prints while whites, creams, and neutrals add straightforward style to a window. Completely lined Romans are especially fit to lounge areas and parlours as a result of the delicate look the texture makes, while a lightweight, unlined variant is additionally accessible, offering a beautiful arrangement at a genuine incentive for cash cost. For rooms, blackout lining roman shades is an unquestionable requirement and ideal for keeping out the early morning sun.