Roman Blinds For Windows

Roman Blinds
Roman Blinds For Windows, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai, UAE

      Roman blinds in Dubai are popular window treatments made of a fabric stretched over a metal frame. Roman shades are available in a variety of colors and textures. Roman blinds for windows are one of the most cost-effective window coverings. Custom roman shade create a stack at the top of the window when opened or raised. These window curtains are ideal for creating privacy and blocking out the sun.

      A stack at the top of the window, for instance, allows for privacy, but it also creates unnecessary heat buildup. Equally, pulling this window shade to the floor creates a dark room and helps to cool the heat. As a result, light filtering Roman shade is ideal for creating privacy and blocking out the sun and work with a wide range of window treatments, from home and commercial interiors to restaurants and hotels.

Motorized Roman Blinds For Windows In Dubai

      Our motorized roman blinds come with a Somfy motor. We can use a 240V AC motor or a 12V DC motor with a five-year warranty. The beauty of the electric motorized blinds is that they won’t require of attention of an electrician to charge them. Our DC automatic shades or cordless roman shades are also capable of long-running on a single charge.

      It can be a beneficial investment in the convenience and efficiency of any residence. Plus, it is particularly worth it for long windows high up or otherwise challenging to reach. Rooms with bunches of windows that require to be opened and closed regularly can aid in motorization too.

Roman Blinds Curtains Mechanism:

        Roman blind curtains work as one piece of flat fabric attached to the pulley, running through the metal track that hierarchically folds the material as the strings pull. As a result, these blinds are symmetrically pleated when they are open and form neat, clean folds; they have a clean and minimalist look when closed and laid flat. White pleated roman shades with a blackout lining are the best-selling window blind. Modern roman shade efficiently filters the natural light.

Roman Blinds Dubai Styles Available At

At 99 Blinds Dubai, we offer two types of roman blinds in Dubai depending on the stack created when they are open.
         1: Symmetrical stacked with no gap
         2: Symmetrical stacked with 5cm pleat gap
Here is an example of both designs.

Roman Blinds In Living Room
Symmetrical stacked with no gap
Symmetrical stacked with 5cm pleat gap

Do Roman Curtains Need To Be Lined?

      Usually, roman blinds are made of soft fabric to create lice and crispy folds like silk, satin, velvet, and linen. However, those looking for blackout roman blinds for room darkening can use them with their favorite fabric and should add a blackout lining to block the harsh sunlight. Adding a light-filtering lining fabric also hides the stitching line behind the fold-up shades.

What Is The Difference Between Roman Blinds And Roller Shades?

      A roller blind has a single piece of PVC mix fabric that wraps around an aluminum casing that fits into the top of the window frame. In contrast, a roman shade is made of cloth by connecting pleats attached to cords to the back of the fabric panel, creating folds when open and laying flat when close.

How Much Do Roman Blinds Curtains In Dubai Cost?

      Want to buy roman blinds online? We have a vast range of fabric collections suitable for making roman curtains in Dubai. The price varies upon fabric selection. Roman shades are generally more expensive than roller blinds. Hence, if you are looking for a touch of luxury and not looking to redecorate regularly, then these window blinds in Dubai are a great option.

How Should Roman Blinds Fit On A Window?

      Fitting quality roman blinds outside a window frame, we recommend adding 5cm to 10cm extra from the side and hanging 10 cm above the window frame to block the light slippage. For an inside installation, take the exact dimensions of the frame to the edge to fit correctly.

We can fix roman curtains on the ceiling with a ceiling mounting bracket or the wall with a wall mounting bracket.

Roman Blinds Made To Measure

       Find our wide choice of made-to-measure Roman fold-up curtains for a definitive style and refinement. Roman shaeds are an optimal answer for each window in the home. This excellent window dressing is a smaller option than draperies, offering light control, protection, and ideal usefulness, alongside style and tastefulness.

       At, the best roman blinds Dubai are accessible in a wide selection of fabrics to choose the perfect tone, example, and surface for your space. Shop our assortment of made to measure Roman curtains today.