Venetian Blinds

Durability is the key

     Aluminium Venetian blinds have been available for centuries but declined in popularity in the 70s and 80s due to the limited choices available. The introduction of the 25mm slat aluminium blinds and a big expansion in the choice of colours and finishes are the principal reasons for the returned popularity of the Venetian.


     Looking for a contemporary alternate choice to window blindsAluminium Venetian are perfect for the forefront home. The versatility of Aluminium Venetian Shades makes them a cleaned way to deal with let just the suitable balance of light into your room while making the ideal balance of privacy protection, too. 

Aluminium venetian blinds

     The aluminium slats are hard enough for the long smooth running and the blinds are easy to tilt to filter the day-light amount you want to be entered in the room without losing your privacy. With the help of pulling the cord, it is easy to move up and down the blinds to completely open the window.

     They’ve essentially polished out to makes them suitable for a combination of rooms window treatments and wall shades and can be used from residential rooms to office rooms, meeting rooms, washrooms, living rooms, reception areas, and kitchens. Investigate lightweight Aluminium Venetian Shades – ideal for the home office – or wooden Venetian blinds, perfect for parlours and guest rooms for their natural classy looks. 

     Honestly, we have a broad collection of colours, finishes, and sizes to peruse, making it is basic for you to find the perfect fit window blinds for your home. Try not to want to oversee strings?

     Aluminum Venetian Curtains are Lightweight in use and up-to-date with the modern look, the blinds are both functional and very smart in appearance. Our 25mm slat aluminium Venetian Curtains in Dubai is now the most popular but 99 Blinds also offers the 50mm slat Venetian Curtains finishes.

     Venetian blinds also known for a low cost that fits into budget also it is very easy to install. However, our experienced installation team will install your blinds as per requirements. The blinds are very easy to clean, with a wet or dry cloth, Venetian horizontal slats can be cleaned very easily.

     Over 500 colours are available ranging from pastel shades to vibrant colours, with matt, gloss, gunmetal, and other special effect finishes such as wood grain.