Motorized Roller Blinds

Motorized Roller Blinds For Window

        Motorized roller blinds, which are known as automated roller blinds or electric roller blinds. They offer comfort and simplicity of electrically operated for almost any window treatment. They are especially helpful for hard to reach or large windows.

        99 Blinds offer and Install Somfy Motorized Blinds for Houses, Hotels, Apartments, and Office premises in Dubai and the UAE. Motorized choices are Available with Roman, Roller, and Venetian Blinds. In addition, 99 Blinds offer custom-made electric blind with your preferred fabric and add Motorized options.

        The wired motorized blinds can work with your existing power supply, added to your home automation system. The battery-operated motor blinds are suitable for small window coverings. We use Somfy Motors as they are verified to be reliable and long-lasting compared to other brands.

     The tubular motor used to lift up or down a motorized roller blind can be accessible; use distinctive equipment of various sizes. You can choose from several options like AC motor, battery-operated motor, DC 24V motor, and Somfy motor.

How Do Motorized Blinds Work

     Our motorized roller blinds are easy to operate. It is conceivable to open or close numerous roller blinds with the pinch of a switch, the snap of a mouse, or with the conventional RTS remote control.

     Our automatic blinds are smart enough to operate through a mobile device and work perfectly with any voice assistant.

Electric Roller Blinds For Windows

     Electric roller blinds frameworks are a decent alternative for concealing enormous windows, as the heaviness of more significant than usual blinds can make it challenging to work. The work capability power is more for an ac wired than a battery-operated tubular motor. Battery-operated motorized blinds are suitable for small size window treatments.

      For small continuous windows, an intermediate device is the best option which a single motor can control two roller blinds at a time (Horizontal,90degree- – 180degree edge)

Smart Blinds

      Control techniques: Wireless remote, Infrared, Switch, Group, Incorporate with Smart Home System Etc. Furthermore, we have intelligent blinds which work with mobile devices very prominently.

      Reasonable for villa window blinds, apartment window blinds, flat, hotel, office, meeting room, bedroom window, living room window, exhibition lobby windows, and so forth! It’s a great option.

            We have a plenty options to choose favourite motor brands like: SomfyNiceVistamatic.

99 Blinds offers motorized Roller blinds in Dubai in four main styles of fabrics and blinds style:

  • Motorized Sunscreen
  • Motorized Blackout
  • Motorized Translucent
  • Motorized printed
  • Motorized Double Roller
  • Motorized Roman 

       We are not only the best service provider for automatic blinds only; we are the best supplier for electric curtains solutions. Ask our representative to know more about our detailed service.