Sliding Panel Blinds For Windows

Panel Blinds
Panel Blinds For Windows, fitted in Dubai Marina, Dubai, UAE

Sliding Panel blinds for windows in Dubai

       Sliding Panel blinds for windows in Dubai run from a multi-channel track with a sequence of sliding fabric channel bearers running alongside it. As the main channel moves along the path, the rest panel of the fabric also moves with the central panel.

       Panel track blind works similarly to vertical blinds; the only difference between them is that panel track shade only can slide, and they can not tilt like a vertical blind. As a result, panel glide blinds are easy-to-operate window treatments.

Panel track blinds at

       At, we offer light filtering panel track blinds and blackout blinds options for window treatment. Light filtering window treatment allows you to enjoy the natural light and block the intense UV radiation of sunlight. Blackout or room darkening blinds completely block the direct sunlight and help to reduce heat and energy consumption.

How do panel blinds work

      The panel blinds fabric slats have a light base bar to keep up the presence of the visually impaired. Each panel slats overlapped around 10-15cm, considering simple development and reliable appearance. In addition, they’re effectively connected with a velcro heading, making them easy to hang to the glide blinds head rails.

      Panel track blinds work effectively by hand or with a pulley mechanism curtains track. In addition, we at offer motorized panel track shades to open or close the shade with a single tap on the remote. Our smart blinds also can operate through a smartphone as well as.

Best window treatment and sliding panel curtains

      The panel tracks are simple to fit – best to fix on the roof; however, they’re not very overwhelming ( especially contrasted with numerous different styles of blinds). So they suit most window covering but are best for a large window, patio door, and sliding glass door.

      As a general guideline, we believe the sliding panel shade looks substantially more affluent when draping floor to roof with the track fixed straight into the ceiling. Except if you’re a specialist, It’s typically a two-person occupation to fit a broad panel curtain track – absolutely because the long lengths included make them somewhat unmanageable.

      Panel blinds tracks are accessible up to 6 meters long window shade – yet they can be joined together – multiplying the length to an enormous 12 meters! The paths differ in width, relying upon the number of sliding panels you have – yet all are similar.

      Panel blinds are perfect with a comprehensive window – or a passage of windows in sequence. On the off chance that your windows run one end to the other, recollect that in any event, when the blinds are open, they’ll despite everything spread piece of the window.

      The quantity of channels relies upon XX factors – the width of the track, the number of fabric Chanel, the width of the panel blinds slat, and whether you decide to have your panel fabrics hung to the one side end or on the two end sides of your window.