Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Sunscreen Roller Blinds - Dubai Blinds

     Sunscreen roller blinds are an ideal answer for an office window or a working environment because many people feel good with the daylight and progressively dynamic contrasted with the artificial light.

     An additional measure of direct daylight can cause reflection on the PC or TV screen. You want to diminish out the light with a texture layer into your window. Sunscreen roller blinds are an ideal solution to protect you from direct sunlight without hampering your privacy.

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

Why Should One Use Sunscreen Roller Shade

          Sunscreen roller blinds are popular for their light filtration and easy to operate. Our metal chain of the blinds is strong enough to operate continuously without any interruption. We guaranty five years of smooth operation for our signature roller blinds collection. The key benefit of using screen roller shade as window treatments are

  • It protect your complete privacy without compromising modern design.
  • They are easy to use and has a very minimalist design and easy to clean.
  • Available in almost any color and varieties texture option that suite with your existing wall and furniture colors.
  • Silver backing sunscreen roller curtain help to reduce heat generation from direct sunlight.
  • Henceforth, it blocks the harmful UV rays of sunshine.
  • They are known for smooth operation and durable for long-lasting.
  • Most importantly, They are cost-effective and available in your local area.
  • In effect, the sunscreen roller shades fabric filters and softens daylight. At the same time, the privacy option is available with these blinds.

Component use to make a roller blinds

There are several component used to complete a roller.

  1. A screen perforated fabric use to make sunscreen roller blinds. Available in variety of design, pattern and size.
  2. Aluminium tube or aluminium casing to roll the fabric
  3. A swindler or controller to roll the shade up and down.
  4. Metal or plastic chain attached to the controller to pull up or down.
  5. A bottom bar made of plastic or aluminium. Bottom bar give a nice look as well as balance the fabric fall.
  6. A pair of steel or metal bracket fix to the wall or ceiling to hold the shade.
  7. Motorized blinds need a motor and remote control to operate. 

Types available of Roller Blinds in Dubai

          Basically there is no different types available in sunscreen roller shades. but we can divide them in a way of fabric using and system availability.

  1. Regular Sunscreen Roller Shades
  2. Silver Backing Sunscreen Roller Blinds
  3. Fire Retardant Sunscreen Roll Blinds
  4. Custom Print Sunscreen Roller Curtain
  5. Motorized Sunscreen Roller Shades

Sunscreen Roller Shades Fabric Specification

        A screen fabric used to make sunscreen roller window shade. The materials made of approximately 30% polyester and 70% PVC. The openness factor for a perforated fabric is 5%. The approximate weight of the fabrication per square meter is 525 ±5%. These types of perforated materials used to control daylight when protecting complete privacy. Translucent fabric is also a kind of sunscreen fabric which is more transparent than a regular sunscreen fabric.

Silver Backing Sunscreen Roller Curtains

        The Silver backing sunscreen roller blinds are popular in Dubai. Silver is metal and absorbs direct heat more than a non-metal fabric. The silver layer cools itself quicker than the material and reduces heat generation in a room. It saves the energy used by an air conditioner as well as more efficiently.

Motorized Sunscreen Roller Blinds

          The era of automation arrived a decade ago, so we have developed motorized sunscreen roller blinds to fully automate your window treatment in single touch and suite your luxurious life.

          Henceforth, the blinds can now be motorized using the Somfy one-touch motor system. As a result, this option ensures that no cords can pose a danger to children as a safety concern.

          Automation gives you an extraordinary look and comfort to your living. Our high-quality motorized roller blinds are easy to install, program, and operate with a single click through the remote control. Most importantly, it can be accessed with the existing automation system.

Which rooms are suitable for Roller Curtains

          Sunscreen Roller shades are perfect for every room, from a large office room to the living room window or any residential window treatments that require daylight. The homeowner often uses sunscreen roll shade for their living room and blackout roll curtains for their bedroom window treatments. However, our custom printed sunscreen roller curtains in Dubai are very popular in restaurant and offices where they need a company logo to display. They made to enhance and match any interior decoration.

You are a call away to book appointment with 99 Blinds expert guidance team. They are friendly and professional about sunscreen roll blinds in Dubai. They will bring all the sunscreen roller shades catalogue to you for your convenience to choose your favourite shades sitting at your home.

          The materials commonly named as fabric used in 99 blinds sunscreen roller shades are very high quality and durable for long lasting operation. All of our products are sourced from professional factories worldwide, offering the largest online selection of fabrics.  99blinds are popular for the sunscreen roller blinds in Dubai for may years, with wide range of available collection high level of easy to use control, complete privacy, aesthetics, and comfort.