Roller Blinds For Window

Roller blinds for window coverings
Roller Blinds For Window Coverings Fitted In Google Office, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Roller Blinds Dubai For Window Treatments

       In Dubai, roller shades are the most frequently used, conventional, and versatile window blinds. They’re popular because they allow users to control privacy, heat production, and light entry into a home or office. Roller shades are available in three forms: 1) sunscreen or transparent, 2) Dim out or Blackout, and 3) translucent. The roller shades are controlled by a chain and a control lever. They move up and down the aluminum metal tube with a pull and a push. The material is rolled and wrapped around the metal tube.

Custom Made To Measure Roller Curtains Blinds For Window

       Made to measure roller shades provide a classic look to window coverings, and they are accessible in a variety of colourful fabrics, textures, and patterns. 99Blinds provides made to measure roller blinds in Dubai. We are popular among Dubai homeowners, tenants, restaurants, offices, and villas.

Benefit Of Roller Blinds

  • Roller blinds protect complete privacy.
  • They are easy to use and have a very minimalist design.
  • They are easy to clean, durable, and long-lasting
  • Available in almost any color and varieties texture options that suit your existing wall and furniture colors.
  • Roller curtains help to reduce heat generation from direct sunlight.
  • Henceforth, it blocks the harmful UV rays of sunshine.
  • They are cost-effective (cheaper than other window treatments) and readily available.

Components Of Roller Blinds.

  • A sunscreen or opaque/blackout fabric. Available in various designs, patterns, and sizes.
  • Aluminum tube or aluminum casing to hand and roll the fabric
  • A swindler, controller, or control unit rolls the shade up and down.
  • Metal or plastic chains are attached to the control unit to pull up or down.
  • A plastic or aluminum bottom bar is used for bottom weight. The bottom bar gives a nice look and balances the fabric fall.
  • A pair of steel or metal brackets fix the wall or ceiling to hold the shade.

     99 Blinds offers all three types of roll up blinds in Dubai:-

Sunscreen Roller Blinds

      The material used to make sunscreen roller window coverings is composed of 70% PVC and 30% polyester and has an openness factor of 5%. To maintain privacy and reduce heat generation, perforated materials are used to control daylight and protect privacy. The weight per square metre is estimated to be 525 ± 5%. These types of materials are used to accomplish those objectives as well as to reduce heat generation. Transparent fabrics are also known as sunscreen fabrics.

Blackout Roller Blinds

      The opacity of blackout roller shades is provided by an opaque material. The openness of blackout fabrics is 1%, consisting of approximately 70% polyester and 30% PVC. If you do not prefer to use PVC materials, we offer 100% polyester fabrics. The best materials for reducing heat and UV damage are the 75% PVC and 25% fibreglass fabrics, which are used on our blackout roller shades. A silver backing on the blackout roller shades reduces heat generated from direct sunlight.

     An electric roller blinds is a wonderful way to make a room feel luxurious. An AC-wired motor or a battery-powered motor operates the aluminum tube to roll up or down the material in an electric roller curtain. Your home will benefit from the sensual and effortless window treatment option that our AC-powered Somfy motorized roller curtains provide. Our battery-operated wire-free motor lasts a long time on a single charge and is less expensive than an AC-powered motorized shade. In addition, we provide a five-year warranty on our motor.

     There’s considerably more to Roller blinds than you may suspect! Our Rolling blinds range is loaded with energizing prints that will say something in your home, from present-day flowers and theoretical examples to contemporary works of art and retro styles. 

     Roller shade’ scope is predominantly well known among homeowners as they add accommodation and flexibility to your way of life and inside stylistic theme. We have a broad role curtains assortment containing different tones and plans and stylish functionalities like blackout roller curtains to guarantee total security. Transparent Roller curtains give a la mode filtration of light, and sunscreen or straightforward roller curtains offer much light while ensuring assurance from the sun’s glare and beams. 

     There’s also a grand scope of fields in striking tones, neutrals, whites, and creams, in addition to finished, sheer, and block-out or dim-out textures. You can add style to your Roller shades with one of our formed bottoms and decorate with our selection of posts, eyelets, beaded trims, and plaits. To see the full scope of Roll-up curtains and find more about our current offers, make an in-home arrangement today in Dubai!