Best Sunscreen Blinds Fitted In A Business Bay Office

What are the best office blinds ideas?

The 5 Best Office Blinds Ideas

  1. Roman Blinds. Made to measure roman blinds are made of one large piece of fabric. When open, it is the open position. It looks like a single piece of cloth. 
  2. Roller Blinds are made of PVC mixed fabric and available in blackout or sunscreen. Perfect for any office window coverings
  3. Venetian and Wooden Blinds. These are among the most popular office blinds. Aluminum Venetian is the cheapest solution for the office window blinds option.
  4. Day & Night Blinds. It is costlier than any other blinds but changes the whole interior of any office or home.
  5. Vertical Blinds For Windows. Another cheapest blinds solution for office window decoration.

Is sunscreen blinds suitable for natural light filtering?

        Sunscreen roll-up blinds are the best window blinds for natural light filtering. In an office, we need natural light to create a more work-friendly environment but want to block the harsh UV rays of direct sunlight. Perforated blinds are the best answer to filter natural light while allowing us to block direct sunlight.

        Sunscreen roller blinds are a cross-section type texture that you’ll have the option to use to forestall the brightness and UV radiation entering your home and harming your furnishings and floors.

        Sometimes few office owners love to use blackout blinds for the direct sunlight area and sunscreen shade for the indirect sunlight area.

Specification of the fabric used for these sunscreen blinds:

        Fabric Code: 99B-RIG005-2

        Roll Width: 3000mm

        Composition: 70% PVC, 30% Polyester

        Openness Factor: 5%

        Direction: Uniderictional Fabric

        Fabric Quality: Translucent

How we fitted sunscreen roller blinds?

        Our professional blinds installation team makes blinds installation easy—the office in Business Bay, Dubai. Our technical team took the perfect measurement, and we got our blinds ready within 24 hours.

        The glass windows of the office are pretty large and open from ceiling to floor. So we had to cover the whole area with the blinds and fit them on the roof. Our installation team found the top decorated with a gypsum board in the first instance.

        We have used butterfly fisher for the mounting screw for the roller blinds mounting brackets.

        We only face difficulties fitting the L shape of corner area blinds. Thanks to our technical team, who took the measurements pretty perfectly. They made it easy for us to take the exact size for those corner area roller shades,

        After the installation, our team inspected every roller shade and checked the alignment; if they found any alignment issues, they corrected them before leaving the office.

        Before leaving the office, they advised the staff available in the office to call our customer service for further assistance.

        To book your office roller blinds, call us on 0553224643 or email us at